31 Days of Women: Cassadee Pope


Cassadee Pope is set to release her new single “Take You Home” on Friday (March 30) and the song marks the singer’s return following a label departure. I chatted with Pope for Billboard and she says “Take You Home” was the perfect reintroduction to her solo career following the success of her 2016 duet “Think of You” with Chris Young.

“I’ve always gravitated towards catchy melodic songs. I love the melody in that song and I love how the first verse dips down and makes you pay attention,” she explains. “Something that I thought about too was, ‘What do I want people to hear first after a few years of being off the grid?’ I had ‘Think of You,’ which I’m so grateful for, but as in my own music I haven’t had anything in a while. This is what I want to reintroduce myself as. It’s confident, it’s sexy. I feel like I am in that place and I feel like that’s what people are going to get from that song.”

The song blends pop and rock elements with hand-clapped rhythms, slick production and soaring guitar parts that support Pope’s memorable vocals. It’s the descriptive lyrics, though, that Pope says feel distinctly country. “Take You Home” was written by Ben Hayslip, Emily Weisband, and Paul DiGiovanni, and Pope knew upon first hearing it that she wanted the song for herself.

“Being single for the first time in eight years, I definitely felt those feelings when you meet somebody for the first time and you’re like, ‘I want to show you where I come from and I want to take you home but not in that fleeting way. I want to take you to my hometown and show you what shaped me,'” she says.

For more of my interview with Pope, visit Billboard. Listen to a snippet of “Take You Home” below.