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Justin Moore Celebrates 'Outlaws' Live From the Lake

Justin Moore took a different approach to the release of his sophomore album, ‘Outlaws Like Me.’ He went fishing in New York City.

An avid outdoorsman, Justin spent six hours doing press interviews from a bass boat in the middle of Manhattan’s beautiful Central Park Lake. Fans could watch and listen live online as the singer/songwriter answered questions about his new album, released today (June 21).

I joined Justin in Central Park to find out about his favorite song on the album, the story behind his latest smash single and his approach to fatherhood the second time around.

How did you come up with the idea to host a media day in the middle of the lake?
The record label told me I couldn’t find a place to fish in New York City, so I had to prove them wrong! [laughs] This is fun. We try to get out on the road any time we can and fish, hunt or whatever we have the opportunity to do outdoors. This just proves to people that you can do it anywhere; it’s all across the country. I teamed up with Cabelas and NRA Country, and I’m trying to spread the gospel.

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