Happy Holidays! Free MP3's for you!

Who doesn’t like free music?

The holidays are in full swing and whether you celebrated Hanukkah earlier this month, or Christmas this Saturday I’m sure your budget is at it’s max. This post has a ton of free music for you and if that’s not enough, be sure to check the sidebar for my weekly freebies. This week you can receive a download of The Canon Logic’s “Kiss Me On Christmas” after you upload your own holiday kiss, as well as a cover of “Christmas All Over Again” and Whale Belly’s latest album.

Before you go on download overload, watch Dawn Landes and the Hounds’ entertaining performance of “Sleigh Ride” with special guests The Bandana Splits, performed backstage at Joe’s Pub for ASCAP’s Top Holiday Songs list.

Below, enter your email address to receive a MP3 of Roy Orbison’s holiday classic, “Pretty Paper.”

To download The Plain White T’s “Christmas Won’t Be the Same Without You” on a five track sampler which includes songs from HelloGoodbye, Nelly, Jesse McCartney, and Avant click here. Enjoy!

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