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Band of the Week: Titus Andronicus

Earlier today, I came across a Tumblr post by Titus Andronicus’ guitarist and violinist Amy Klein. Titled “Tour Diary Day Four: Rock and Roll Is Dead,” Klein writes about the way women are perceived in the media and music industry. Being the only female in indie rock band Titus Andronicus, she’s had her fair share of experiences and insults thrown her way. On Saturday, she wrote a powerful post after she dissected the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and asked why females are left out of the discussion and coverage of rock & roll.

“What we’re doing when we exclude women from rock and roll, and from the sense of rebellion that rock and roll promises, is disallowing women that independent perspective. We’re never giving them the chance to think critically about the world, and about the systems that oppress them. When we take women out of the arts, and take them out of art’s ability to critique the way things are, we’re making sure that women keep swallowing the status quo, day after day, and it’s the status quo that keeps us down,” she writes.

An insightful read, her entry got me thinking. Having recently read Pat Benatar’s memoir and learned of all the hardships she went through being a female in the industry in the 80s — 30 years later, why aren’t more women being showcased for their talent?

It’s musicians like Klein who leave an impact. One fifth of Titus Andronicus, her violin interludes are an intriguing addition to the punk rock outfit. With countless Bruce Springsteen and Jersey mentions in their songs, (see “A More Perfect Union”) the New Jersey based band has been garnering praise from music publications everywhere. Their popularity only seems fitting, because their songs embody a certain punk urgency that hasn’t been heard in years. And with Klein’s passion about women in rock, one can only wonder what her influence on future albums will hold.

While slower songs like “No Future Part One” showcases their more serious side, it’s tracks like the fast paced “Titus Andronicus” that brings to mind the beginning of the punk era. Complete with heavy percussion and relentless vocals, Titus Andronicus impress.

For more on Titus Andronicus, be sure to visit them on MySpace and check out the video for “A More Perfect Union” below. Definitely give Amy’s Tumblr a read. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Titus Andronicus | MySpace Music Videos

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Titus Andronicus is one of my favorite bands. They truly embody everything I love in a band: powerful, intelligent, honest lyrics, strong musicianship, and that punk urgency you speak of. Live the band is serious, yet fun. It's inspiring to see a band like this make it (Jimmy Fallon appearance, U.S. tour, upcoming headlining show at Webster Hall where just two years ago they opened).

Amy's writing is superb and it's great to see a musician document tour experiences, thoughts, photos, and such. Her recent post was spot on. Glad to see someone write with such precision and thought.

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