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Val Emmich and Kate Rockland Share Their Talents In Hoboken

Last night, music and fiction came together at the Turtle Club with a performance by singer-songwriter Val Emmich and reading from “Falling Is Like This,” by Hoboken-based writer, Kate Rockland.

Both Jersey natives and Rutgers alumni, Rockland’s father was Emmich’s American Studies professor. When Emmich asked him to read a novel he had written, he suggested the two connect. “We saw each other at Starbucks and started up a friendship and had an idea to do this event together,” Emmich said. “I think it worked out well. I am a fan of fiction. I read her book, and although it’s definitely chick lit, I enjoyed it. It was very much my world and it was really authentic.”

Emmich kicked off the night with a powerful performance of  “Absolutely Still,” a song he co-wrote with Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin. Alone on acoustic guitar, he captured the audience’s attention. “Hurt More Later,” off 2008 release, Little Daggers followed suit with deep vocals and emotion filled lyrics.

For my complete review, visit Hoboken Patch. Stay tuned for my interview with Val Emmich in the upcoming weeks.