Gaslight Anthem Unveil “American Slang”

Yesterday, Jersey favorites The Gaslight Anthem released their first single and title track to their upcoming release, American Slang. Produced by Ted Hutt (producer of their second album, The ’59 Sound) the highly anticipated third album from the band is due in stores June 15.

Rolling Stone spoke with frontman Brian Fallon a while back and he talked of the album. “The songs sound like Tom Waits’ storytelling and the Clash playing as a band, but with some big Motown-style choruses in there.”

Longtime fans will be happy to know the band hasn’t abandoned their Jersey roots and sound. Their vivid lyrics combined with Fallon’s vocals and guitar and percussion intensity on “American Slang” are enough to keep fans anxiously awaiting their June release.

You can listen to “American Slang” on MySpace and Facebook. The complete track listing and lyrics for American Slang are below:

1. American Slang
2. Stay Lucky
3. Bring It On
4. The Diamond Church Street Choir
5. The Queen of Lower Chelsea
6. Orphans
7. Boxer
8. Old Haunts
9. The Spirit Of Jazz
10. We Did It When We Were Young

“American Slang”

Look what you started,
I seem to be coming out of my skin.
Look what you’ve forgotten here.
The bandages just don’t keep me in.

and when it was over, I woke up alone.

and they cut me to ribbons and taught me to drive.
I got your name tattooed inside of my arm.
I called for my father but my father had died.
while you told me fortunes, in American Slang.

Look at the damage,
the fortunes came for the richer men.
while we’re left with gallows,
waiting for us liars to come down and hang.

and here’s where we died that time last year,
and here’s where the angels and devils meet.
and you can dance with the queen if you need,
and she will always keep your cards close to her heart.
before they tear you apart.

What do you think? Is American Slang an album you will be buying?

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