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British singer-songwriter Jay Sean has been working in the music industry the past seven years and is finally seeing success in America. His hit single “Down” topped the music charts earlier this year and current song “Do You Remember” is achieving similar status. Right before his performance at Z100’s Jingle Ball concert he filled the press room in on his latest single, dedicated fans and plans for 2010. Read on for more of UK’s heartthrob.

Can you tell us about your latest single, “Do You Remember?”
I wanted to create an anthem. I wanted to create something that, whether it was a group of old school friends or old lovers or a family, whatever it is, it’s one of those moments that when the song comes on you guys start reminiscing about all the great times that you have been through. That’s what I wanted to create.

Is there one highlight from 2009 that stands out for you?
I think it would probably have to be the moment where I went to number one in America with my single “Down.” That was definitely a moment where life didn’t feel real at all.

What’s the difference between UK and US audiences?
It’s funny because the US audience has been…the way I describe it here, success in America is like a snowball. You see it develop, you can literally see it grow. It just becomes so insanely huge. It’s gone from doing shows where there might be a couple hundred people to this where there are 15,000 people all singing back the words that you’ve written. You really see it grow. It’s pretty insane over here.

Have you ever performed a random act of kindness?
Yeah. I think it’s important to do that actually. It’s funny, because in this day in age it’s very difficult to find a truly altruistic act. A lot of the time when you donate to charity, especially if you’re in the limelight like we are, it can be seen as just something you’re doing for press. I like to do something, especially right now in the winter. The other day I had a slice of pizza that I didn’t eat and instead of throwing it away I gave it to someone who actually needed it. It’s little things like that. There wasn’t a camera in sight. It’s things like that that are important to do for other people.

Have you enjoyed any special treatment being in the limelight?
The best thing about getting a higher profile is that you have a platform to make a change and make a difference. You can either not choose to take that platform and abuse it or you can take it and do something good with it. For me, I’m trying to take the platform I have and be a good role model for the kids. In terms of other little perks, sure, you get cool clothes and you get stuff thrown at you.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since you got famous?
It’s usually something from fans. ‘Cause fans can be seriously fanatical. I’ve had girls who have gone…when I was on tour in Australia, they went from city to city. It was a 10 day tour and they caught the plane each time. On the last date they actually came onto the stage and jumped on my back, about four or five of them and took me down. It’s pretty aggressive actually.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
My New Year’s resolution is always the same actually. Every year I try to live in the moment. It’s all a whirlwind. I’ve been doing this for seven years and I’m like, “Okay, next year I’m going to really try to take this in.” Do a blog. Take it all in so I have stories to tell when I’m older. For me, I’m going to try and do that next year.


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