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The music video for Boys Like Girls’ most recent single, “Two Is Better Than One,” featuring Taylor Swift, was just released last Friday. Have you seen it? I chatted with lead singer Martin Johnson (who also wrote the song), guitarist Paul DiGiovanni, and drummer John Keefe at New York radio station Z100’s Jingle Ball concert that very day and got the scoop on what it’s like working with Taylor Swift.

I just heard your duet with Taylor Swift and love it! How did that come about?
John: We saw her say something about us in The Wall Street Journal and our paths crossed.

Paul: She wrote something about us in the paper, and we saw it and got in contact and became friends. We finished up the whole song “Two Is Better Than One.” It was all produced and recorded and we wanted to make it a little bit better. We thought she would do a killer job on it and we just hit her up, and she said she’d do it and it was the coolest thing ever.

Have you found people to be receiving the new single well?
Martin: I just got told in the gifting lounge that one of the people had been to a wedding and the cover band was playing it as the wedding song. We are now a wedding band. [Laughs] I’m blown away. When people react to it and say, “That’s our song” or “That’s my song and that made me fall in love.” That’s really special.

How was working with Taylor Swift on the song?
Martin: It was amazing. She’s really such a nice girl. We had known her for a really long time and had been friends for a while. John played drums on Fearless and then she became the biggest star in the universe. It was like shooting for the stars asking her to sing on the record. We were so delighted and fortunate enough to have her on the record. It’s going to be fun to perform with her tonight.

You have been friends with Taylor Swift for a long time. Have you noticed a change in her?
Martin: No, she stayed the same the whole time. She’s the best.

John: Taylor Swift is the perfect human being. She’s great. She’s such a nice, whole-hearted sweet girl and the biggest super star in the world. My mom would be stoked if I brought her home.

Do you have plans for the New Year?
John: We’re going to Michigan to play a New Year’s show outside. It’s going to be awesome!

Watch the “Two Is Better Than One” music video below.


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love the song and love Taylor's voice on it, however I'm afraid I don't have a very high opinion of Martin Johnson from various reports of his behaviour behind the scenes with female fans. Thanks for the interview, I did enjoy reading it and the backstory that was given.

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