You Sing, I Write Celebrates Two Years!

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It’s hard to believe that exactly two years ago today I had this crazy idea to start a music blog. (You can read my first post here.) My job at the time wasn’t writing related so I decided to start You Sing, I Write as a place to unleash my creativity and keep up with my writing. Focused on music, I decided I’d review concerts and albums and interview bands whenever I got the chance. Slowly, however my blog turned into a full time job.

Interviewing Fergie at Z100’s annual Zootopia concert.

While I still worked full time, my blog was always on my mind. Who is coming to town that I can interview? What concert can I catch after work? Luckily, my internships turned into additional writing outlets where not only was I contacting bands for my blog, but I could also feature them on sites including MTV and Rolling Stone which eventually led to additional publications such as Marie Claire and Filter.

Interviewing Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.

Over the past two years I have toured with musicians, interviewed some of my favorite artists, traveled to festivals throughout the country, managed a band and even hosted my own concert where the draw exceeded expectations. What had originally started as an outlet for myself has grown to thousands of international viewers each month, something I still have a hard time grasping. My goal within the next year is to continue You Sing, I Write’s expansion and launch an official Web site with more video interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes access to your favorite musicians. Stay tuned! The next year will be exciting!

Covering Jay-Z’s performance at All Points West.

I’m excited to announce You Sing, I Write’s second annual anniversary concert! This year, in partnership with The Jew Spot, I am organizing a benefit concert for To Write Love On Her Arms. Yesterday we put the deposit on Don Hills for Saturday, December 19th. I hope you’ll come out and celebrate two years with both of us and enjoy a night of great music! Monica and I will be announcing the bands in a few weeks as well as the link where you can buy your tickets. Please save the date. I would love to meet you all! Thanks again for your continued support and endless comments and band suggestions. Hope to see you in December!

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