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Video Interview with Holly Williams

Last week I posted the full transcription of my interview with the legendary Holly Williams. Now you can see some of that interview on You Sing, I Write! Watch below while Holly discusses her music, what she thinks about while performing and her stylish boutique in Nashville.


2 replies on “Video Interview with Holly Williams”

I liked the interview, but if you want to do more video interviews, I'd definitely recommend getting an external microphone for the interview and maybe even having the interviewee hold it. It really adds to the professionalism of the interview to have that great sound quality. Just a little tip. 😉

Also, I have to admit, I like Holly Williams's first CD better. The second just had too much country twang for me.

Totally agree. My boss actually mentioned that too. I think my friend filming across the room probably didn't help either, maybe if she were closer the sound quality would have been better. Thanks for the tip!

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