Sean Paul

Releasing his first album in over three years, Sean Paul is back on the road and as busy as ever. Having produced hit singles for Beyoncé and Rihanna in the past, Sean Paul has made a name for himself not only as a hit producer, but also as a solo reggae artist. While singles “Gimme the Light” and Billboard Hot 100 hit “Get Busy” accelerated his solo career, being heard on Beyoncé’s No. 1 single “Baby Boy” helped to elevate his staying power.

Last week Sean Paul filled us in on his newest single, “So Fine” as well as life dealing with the constant camera attention. Read below for more on his upcoming album and passion for music.

Tell us about your new single.
New single is called “So Fine.” I think it’s a perfect summer giant. It’s very bouncy. I usually cover stuff that you can hear in the clubs, in the cars. It’s raunchy but also sounds smooth. It has a cool attitude.

Other than that, the record I’ve been working on for three long years. I’m glad to be back on the road. The road is hectic right now. It’s called Imperial Blaze suggesting the king’s fire. I feel like I am a king of certain types of music right now. I’m doing it as hot as ever. Imperial Blaze comes out August 18th. I’m shooting a video for the first single next week.

You’ve collaborated with so many artists over the years. Is there one specific artist or song that stands out as a favorite or most memorable?
All of my work, to me, is just something I’ve put so much thought into. I want people to feel a good feeling off of it. I remember when I heard songs that I like, I try to put that feeling, whatever it is. It might be a madness that nobody else is understanding what I’m talking about. But, that’s what I try to do. All of them have been special to me. I can’t. Every experience; working with a different producer or a different artist is something that you learn from.

What triggers the passion inside of you?
There’s a lot of different things. My motivation towards music is always wanting to have my say out there. To be able to have my five minutes with all these press people and say, “Yo, what up?” And if there’s something really on my mind at the time, I can say it. That’s what motivates me. It’s good to be in the public eye and have my own opinions.

Do you ever get used to the camera flashes?
That’s crazy. It’s very blinding. They’re like, “Sean, here. Here.” I don’t know where I’m looking. I’m not used to it. When do I get used to it? I don’t know. Who is used to people screaming, “Hey! Hey!” in your face and taking pictures? I’m not used to it. It’s cool. I’m liking that they’re taking it, but I’m just not the type of person into that type of thing. I’m usually the person that likes to see everyone else before they see me. Sort of incognito.