Band of the Week

Band of the Week: Bell X1

Being that Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day I only find it fitting to feature an Irish band as this week’s band of the week. Bell X1 have just released their album, Blue Lights On the Runway and have been receiving some impressive reviews.

Each song on their fourth release stands out on it’s own, whether it’s opening track, “The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella” with it’s catchy musical accompaniment or The Doors-esque song and current radio hit “The Great Defector.”

Named after the first aircraft to break the sound barrier, flown in 1947 by Chuck Yeager, Bell X1 have toured with many well-known musicians including Bon Jovi and Elliot Smith. Their last album graced No. 1 on Ireland’s pop charts and their latest release is bound to do the same.

Six-minute track “How Your Heart Is Wired” showcases much emotion throughout the band’s lyrics and the slow percussion beat only helps get the story across effectively to the listener. I’m not usually a huge electronica/experimental fan, but this track works for Bell X1.

Bell X1 is currently touring and promoting Blue Lights On the Runway so be sure to visit them on MySpace and catch a show if you like what you hear.