Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Maxwell’s in Hoboken last night! The room was packed, the alcohol was flowing and most importantly, the music was rockin. Special thanks to Josh Charles, Joey DeGraw, The Canon Logic and Love Goat who all put on amazing performances. I’m hoping to post a photo collage later this week from everyone who shot throughout the night so be sure to check back for that!

Another very special thank you goes out to my amazing friend and fellow blogger Monica Rozenfeld for her post about the show on her blog, The Jew Spot (check it out for photos of the night!) and videos uploaded on YouTube. You can watch Monica’s videos of Joey DeGraw and The Canon Logic below. Can’t wait for next year’s concert! Taking band suggestions now 🙂

Below is a segment of The Canon Logic’s energetic performance as well as a view of the packed room and fans dancing along throughout their set.

You can watch Joey DeGraw performing at Maxwell’s in Hoboken last night below.


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It was an awesome night, Annie! You and your friends should be very proud. Make sure to get some $$$ for your efforts in the future! You could definitely do this as a side business, if you are so inclined!

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